royston ribbon arrowhead ring.

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statement ring, not for the faint of heart! at the bottom left and right angle has a hand stamped and formed piece to focus on the angles of this cabochon. at each point is a single formed bead and then finished with beading.

size: 9.25. (measures as a 9.25 but fits comfortable for a size 9 as well.)

the band on this ring is a low dome single piece for comfort and durability.

the ring has been through a patina process to darken and bring out the details of the ring while giving a vintage feel. finishing in a high shine and polish to maintain the amazing silver.

to ensure your piece stays beautiful please keep it away from any strenuous activity, water/swimming, and ALL chemicals.

turquoise is one of the oldest sacred stones in history, worn by shamans and warriors for protection, luck, and power. turquoise is said to balance emotions and aid communication.

each item purchased will come wrapped in a small gift box, and a keepsake bag for future storage.