every single piece we make takes time and a lot of love. we will not send out a piece without 100% faith in the item's quality.

if you choose to return an item because of a quality issue- please contact us within three days so we can choose the best way to move forward. the buyer will have to pay for the shipping fee and no refund will be given until inspection of the item is complete and we have the item back in our possession. all items returned due to quality must be un-altered, and un-worn.

we do not accept buyers remorse or changed mind returns. so please, make sure that this item is the piece for you. our listings are as detailed as possible, with exact measurements, and multiple pictures. if you have any questions or need more photos of details, please feel free to reach out. we want to be able to help and provide as much information as possible. 

any items made specifically for you, or custom orders, are not refundable at any time as they are made for you and with you in mind.

if you have any questions please feel free to reach out, but again due to the quality and time each piece takes to make returns are rare.

we reserve the right to refuse a return at any time.